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Collaborating with the GSB Impact Fund

The GSB Impact Fund evaluates companies based on strong business fundamentals and compelling social impact. We believe that the most impactful social enterprises are, first-and-foremost, viable businesses that offer scalability of financial returns and positive externalities.

Investment Parameters

The GSB Impact Fund invests in businesses that target sectors such as education, energy and the environment, fintech, food and agriculture, healthcare, and urban development. We recognize social and environmental needs in these sectors, and how innovative financial mechanisms and creative entrepreneurs can help meet those needs.

Our process includes management team reviews, diligence of historical sales and customers, market growth opportunities, comparable company analysis, detailed financial model reviews, and a Theory-of-Change analysis for evaluating social impact potential. The investment process occurs during Stanford's winter quarter (January to April).

The GSB Impact Fund offers:

  • $25,000 to $75,000 minority investments

  • Angel, Seed or Series A rounds

  • Preferred equity or convertible debt securities

  • Ongoing relationship with the fund, providing project-based support for key business challenges, access to subject-area experts and valuable recruiting opportunities

Companies and entrepreneurs that have successfully gone through our process typically feature:

  • Products or services that have demonstrated market traction (through customer usage or existing revenues)

  • Dedicated leaders with a desire to make a social impact in one of the Fund's target sectors

  • C-Corp structures


Seeking Investments? 

If you believe your enterprise and the GSB Impact Fund could be great collaborators based on the parameters above, please send a summary of your business to the Impact Fund leadership team: We primarily evaluate new investments during Stanford's winter quarter (January to April). Before and after that time, responses may be delayed.